Homeland International is a part of CPJ Field & Co Ltd, one of the UK’s leading independent funeral directors. With administrative offices in Central London, and an Emergency Operations Centre located within the Gatwick Triangle, we are able to offer extensive repatriation services to both private and corporate clients alike.
We are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and Selected Independent Funeral Homes (SIFH). As agents for SIFH’s Selected Transfer Services, we have access to an international network of the world’s leading funeral directors.

Our team
Homeland International has an experienced, dedicated team of professionals experienced in providing repatriation services to individual families, as well as offering assistance to corporate bodies and organisations. Homeland International is unique amongst UK repatriation providers in offering a complete range of Strategic Planning and Crisis Management services from experienced practitioners drawn from a range of corporate, public service and consultancy backgrounds.

The Corporate Client team is led by Charlie Field, who draws on experience from the Armed Forces, the City and the funeral profession.

CPJ Field & Co. Ltd
Established in 1995, C.P.J. Field & Co. Ltd. has quickly developed into one of the United Kingdom’s leading independent funeral directors. Owned and managed by the Field family, the Company has over 35 funeral homes across Southern England.