• When can I call you?

    Our emergency contact number, 0800 008 6867, is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are always here whenever you might need us.

  • Where should I go for information on registering the death?

    For British nationals, the first point of contact should be the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. If you are in the United Kingdom, they can be reached on 020 7008 1500. If you are overseas, you should locate the nearest embassy, High Commission or consulate. Further information on what assistance is available from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is available via their website http://www.fco.gov.uk/.

  • Can I see my loved one once repatriated?

    Homeland International use a tropical embalming process which ensures a hygienic and long lasting preservation and enable the family to view the deceased once back home. This is especially effective for the West Indies and Africa.

  • Can the Family travel on the same flight as the deceased?

    In most cases seats can be booked on the same flight.

  • What does the family have to do in the U.K. before the repatriation?

    The only charge on the family is to register the death. Homeland International’s experienced staff will facilitate all other consular and legal requirements for the onward repatriation. For deaths occurring outside of the United Kingdom, further information on registering the death is available via the Foreign & Commonwealth Offices. For deaths occurring in the United Kingdom, our staff will be able to advise you of the necessary process.

  • How long after the death has occurred should I wait before arranging a repatriation?

    You need not wait, you can contact us immediately and we will be able to start making the necessary arrangements.

  • How long will it take to get an idea of timings and flight details?

    We aim to provide details of expected date and time of arrival at the chosen destination within 24 hours of receiving formal instruction. However, we will keep you fully informed throughout the process and advise of any changes to flight scheduling or other variables.

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