We offer a fully bespoke, caring service to clients wishing to repatriate their loved one to or from the United Kingdom.

Our experienced team will work with you to put in place the arrangements that you require, including the preparation of all the legal documentation and governmental/consulate liaison. On your behalf we will work with the funeral directors in whichever country to ensure a smooth transit of your loved one throughout the journey.

In addition to the repatriation requirements, we are able to assist in booking flights/travel for accompanying family members or representatives. Our longstanding relationships with several airlines mean that we are often able to achieve preferential rates.
We are able to provide assistance with any of the following services:

  • Worldwide repatriation of the deceased.
  • Preferential airline charges of up to 40% discount.
  • Tropical embalming for transfers to the West Indies, Africa and other destinations.
  • Provision of a zinc lined coffin or casket to IATA regulations.
  • Provision of all necessary documentation to facilitate a swift repatriation.
  • Transportation to the airport.
  • Arrangement with the airline to convey the remains to the designated airport.
  • H.M. Revenue & Customs and import cargo clearance.
  • Collection from the airport.
  • Use of appropriate facilities for viewing the deceased before repatriation.
  • Delivery to the Funeral Director of your choice.
  • Provision of a coffin appropriate for cremation.
  • Arrangement of cremation service with repatriation of ashes.
  • Ancillary Services such as Limousine hire, memorials, Floral Tributes and so on.
  • All aspects of the funeral itself.

For more information on Individual Client repatriation please call our 24 hour helpline 0800 008 6867 or email enquiries@homeland-international.co.uk.

Estimate of Costs

Our Professional Fees £750.00
Local Removal £250.00
Telephone/fax/document fees £50.00
International Embalming £150.00
Coffin Preparation £50.00
Air Waybill (AWB) £85.00
Customs & Handling £85.00
Transportation to the Airport £250.00
Flight to Vienna £600.00
Coffin suitable for International Repatriation £450.00
Freedom From Infection Certificate £45.00
Repatriation Paperwork £50.00
Total cost of the Repatriation to Vienna, Austria £2815.00